Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Phone +45 29 86 72 38
SocialsLinkedIn, Github

Work Experience

Kvalifik ApS

Full stack developer


Kvalifik is a digital agency that produces high-quality software solutions to innovative changemakers. Throughout my time as a software developer, I have implemented numerous digital systems with responsibility for areas including but not limited to

  • Backend development using Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS and PostgreSQL
  • Frontend development using Next.js, TypeScript, TailwindCSS and Vercel
  • Infrastructure management using Google Cloud Platform, Linux and Terraform
  • DevOps using Github Actions, Docker and Node.js scripting
  • Internal team processes by leading daily standups, sprint plannings and review meetings with customers


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Copenhagen

2019-present (graduation in July 2023)

GPA 11.3 (Danish scale out of 12)

I am currently half a semester from finishing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. I have chosen the Data Science specialization, which has developed my interest within data science, machine learning and algorithms and data structures. My bachelor's thesis was on the algorithmic problem of Similarity Searching within randomized algorithms, where I had Mikkel Thorup as my supervisor, who is highly regarded internationally within the field.

My studies have been prolonged by COVID-19 cancelling a study exchange to Singapore last minute (twice), leaving me with large gaps in my student plan without courses, where I went to Uldum Højskole instead.

Danish Folk Highschool

Uldum Højskole

Fall 2022


Allerød Gymnasium


GPA 11.7 (Danish scale out of 12)

Related Qualifications

Founding Board Member & Teacher

Coding Pirates Allerød


By helping found the Allerød franchise of the Coding Pirates organization, I learned the fundamentals of board work, association structure, bylaws and volunteer management. My volunteer work as a teacher also taught much about presentation techniques towards a non-technical audience that I have found immensely useful ever since.

Founding Board Member

Mønten Kollegium Board


As a founding board member, I helped bootstrap a resident community at the recently started Mønten Kollegium on Amager by organizing numerous events for residents, implementing project management practices to our different committees and being chairman of the party committee for several years.

Band Leader

Uldum Højskole Party Band


Responsible for managing band members, planning, arranging pieces and performing at multiple events.


Lundbeckfondens Formidlingspris

Unge Forskere


This award was given for giving the best presentation of a scientific project to recipients of all ages and backgrounds at the Danish national science fair. Included in the prize was the opportunity to attend the London International Youth Science Forum, which I did the same year, having lectures from many of the most respected scientists in the UK.


Astro Pi


Reaching the finals at the Astro Pi competition allowed my group and I to run our research code on a Raspberry Pi aboard the International Space Station (ISS).